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NFC Key Fob Set (10 Pack)

NFC Key Fob Set (10 Pack)

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Easy and fast access control via the NFC Code Touch with the small, rugged key fob. The NFC Key Fob is a safe and convenient way to enter a building with a Loxone system.

  • Quick and easy access via the NFC Code Touch
  • High-quality plastic
  • Encrypted data transmission
  • Contactless access
  • Individual access authorisation
  • Limited time access
  • Small and compact

The NFC Key Fob is made of high-quality and durable plastic and therefore ideal for everyday use on your keychain. The NFC Key Fob has been specially designed and developed for access via the NFC Code Touch.

The NFC Key Fob encryption technology provides you with the highest level of security.


Thanks to the seamless integration of this access solution in Loxone Config and the Loxone App, individual access authorisations can be assigned.

The NFC Key Fob requires an NFC Code Touch. Temporary admission and one-time access are also possible with the NFC Key Fob in conjunction with the NFC Code Touch.

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