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LED Power Supply 24Vdc (60W - 2.5A)

LED Power Supply 24Vdc (60W - 2.5A)

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This 24V Power Supply with an output of 2.5A is the ideal companion for our RGBW Dimmer Air and the Loxone LED Spots. Given its small form factor it can conveniently be installed in ceiling voids through the downlight holes or in other areas with limited access:

  • Perfect for use with Loxone LED Spots
  • Depth of only 32mm - ideal for installation in ceiling voids
  • Wide input voltage range  90 - 305VAC
  • Constant output voltage: 24VDC 2.5A
  • Silent operation, no humming
  • Large operating temperature range -40 to +70°C
  • Also suitable for outdoor applications (IP67)

This LED Power Supply will provide a constant 24VDC and can deliver up to 2.5A. It is ideal for powering Loxone LED Spots, especially in retrofit installations where no central 24V distribution is present. In spite of this high output, it operates silently without any audible hum.

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