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CR2032 Lithium Battery

CR2032 Lithium Battery

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If you're in need of a CR2032 Lithium Battery for your projects then one of these will do the trick. This long-lasting CR2032 battery is ideal for powering all kinds of devices from some switched to remote controllers - such as the Loxone Remote Air, for example. 

Whatever your use case, we want to ensure that you've got everything you need to complete your home & building automation projects.

  • Ideal for powering the Loxone Remote Air.
  • Long-lasting to ensure your devices work for even longer
  • Engraved with battery model for easy identification

These CR2032 lithium batteries are simple to replace in a wide variety of everyday devices. Each disc includes engraved identification so you can easily recognise the battery model. 


  • Do not short-circuit between"+"and"-" terminals.
  • Do not charge, damage the battery or throw one into a fire.
  • Take out the battery when discharged to cut-off voltage, and dispose of it according to the national and local laws.
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