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Touch Pure Tree White

Touch Pure Tree White

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The Touch Pure switch is an elegant, frameless touch switch with a high-quality 3D printed high-quality glass front. From the switch, you can control lighting, shading, multiroom audio and other central functions - all with just a gentle touch on the capacitive touchpoints.

  • Smooth, satin glass finish
  • Does not show any fingerprints
  • Integrated Backlight

Exclusivity has a name: Touch Pure

Made for those who enjoy the finer things in life! Meticulously designed and crafted from carefully selected high-quality materials, the refined Pure product range has been designed to meet even the most exacting standards.

Temperature & Humidity Sensing

The Touch Pure Tree further benefits from an in-built temperature and humidity sensor. This means the room climate can be intelligently managed without the need for a separate thermostat. Plus, the temperature sensor can also detect a rapid and considerable increase in temperature, alerting your customers to a potential fire. This level of functionality certainly makes the Touch Pure an impressive all-rounder.

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