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Temperature Probe for Touch & Grill Air Green

Temperature Probe for Touch & Grill Air Green

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High-quality temperature probes for use with the Loxone Touch & Grill Air.

  • High-quality temperature sensor made of metal
  • For precise measurement of temperature
  • Suitable for grill, oven or BBQ
  • Colour coding for easy identification in the Loxone App and on the display of the Touch & Grill Air
  • Includes cable winder

These high-quality temperature probes are made of metal and are colour-coded so that the measured temperatures can be read intuitively on the digital display of the Loxone Touch & Grill and in the Loxone App. The 9cm long needle is made of stainless steel and measures temperatures from -15 to 300°C.

The 152cm long cable provides sufficient room for manoeuvre. It is protected by a thin metal braid, and is durable and heat-resistant.

The included cable winder ensures order in your drawers and prevents knotting of the cables.

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