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Touch Pure Tree Anthracite Gen 2

Touch Pure Tree Anthracite Gen 2

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The Loxone Touch Pure Tree features five touch points on a glass surface to control the most important functions of a room. When a button is touched, an acoustic click confirms the action. An integrated sensor measures temperature and relative humidity. An orientation light makes it possible to locate the device in the dark.

Exclusivity has a name: Touch Pure

Made for those who enjoy the finer things in life! Meticulously designed and crafted from carefully selected high-quality materials, the refined Pure product range has been designed to meet even the most exacting standards.

Temperature & Humidity Sensing

The Touch Pure Tree further benefits from an in-built temperature and humidity sensor. This means the room climate can be intelligently managed without the need for a separate thermostat. Plus, the temperature sensor can also detect a rapid and considerable increase in temperature, alerting your customers to a potential fire. This level of functionality certainly makes the Touch Pure an impressive all-rounder.

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