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Nano 2 Relay Tree

Nano 2 Relay Tree

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From blinds, gates, circulation pumps, an electric door lock or the bathroom extractor fan; the Nano 2 Relay Tree provides flexibility so you don't have to wire anything that you need to switch back to the panel. When controlling blinds you will additionally benefit from the built-in end stop detection.

  • 2 digital outputs (potential free with common ground)
    - 250VAC 10A at cosφ= 1 (IEC)
    - 30VDC 10A
    - total load max. 12A
  • Suitable for shading, lighting, fans and much more.
  • Fully automatic end stop detection
  • Designed for use in a Loxone projects
  • Intuitive commissioning thanks to Loxone Tree technology
  • Compact design - 42x39x20.5mm

For switched circuits
In any installation, you’ll have something that needs switching; blinds, curtains, bathroom fans, circulation pumps, garage doors, gates, door locks, etc…

Meet the Nano 2 Relay Tree – the counterpart to the Nano DI Tree. This is ideal for switching loads in your installation – conveniently controlled with Tree – avoiding the need to run your switch circuit back to your main distribution board.

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