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AI Extension Gen1

AI Extension Gen1

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The AI Extension offers four additional Analogue Inputs while only taking up the space of two breaker units. This extension is perfect for the likes of third-party sensors and probes being incorporated into a Loxone system.

  • 4 analogue inputs (0-10V) or 4 digital inputs
  • Space-saving - the width of just 2 breaker units
  • Specifically designed for home & building automation using Loxone
  • CE certified and tested 

Versatile and individually configurable
Use the 4 analogue inputs of the AI Extension according to the requirements of the installation to integrate any 0-10V sensors in a Loxone system. Whether that’s temperature sensors, pressure sensors or other 0-10V control signals.

You can also use the analogue inputs as digital inputs (24V).

Certified and tested for your safety
The AI Extension meets all safety standards and CE norms.

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