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Touch & Grill Air

Touch & Grill Air

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With the first barbecue thermometer developed specifically for smart homes, it's not only about perfectly grilling those steaks... there's so much more functionality waiting to be discovered. 

  • Two high-quality temperature sensor probes
  • Integrated timer
  • Full Loxone App functionality
  • Incorporates a Touch Pure for intuitive control
  • Includes rechargeable battery

Intuitive Control
The colour coding of the temperature sensors and the corresponding sockets makes using the Touch & Grill incredibly easy. Then once the sensors are in the measured temperature will be immediately displayed in both the Loxone app and on the Touch & Grill.

Digital Display
The digital display can show the time, the temperature of the two sensors and how long is left on your timer. The display can be set to be permanently active or it can switch to standby mode when not in use. The brightness of the display can also be customised, so it is visible in all lighting conditions.

Upper button and Status LED
With a short tap on the upper middle button, the digital display can be toggled. The two coloured LEDs indicate which temperature is currently being displayed. The Touch & Grill can be turned on and off here with a long press.

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