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Alarm Siren Air

Alarm Siren Air

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The must-have addition for comprehensive, reliable burglary protection. With a blasting alarm tone and flashing light, your smart home will be ready to defend itself and scare away potential burglars.

  • Loud alarm tone
  • Bright flashing light
  • Tamper protection
  • Visual warning
  • Quick & easy installation

Alarm Siren: reliable burglary protection
The Loxone Alarm Siren helps smart homes and businesses put up a strong defence. With flashing LED lights and a high-pitched alarm tone, it creates the best chance of scaring off potential burglars. It’s a must-have addition for security that offers all-around protection in smart homes, commercial premises and custom applications.

Bright flashing light
In the event that the burglar alarm is triggered, three strong LEDs begin to flash at maximum brightness. The high quality of these LEDs ensures they are still reliable for years to come.

Loud alarm tone
Any intruder will know straight away that they’ve picked the wrong home to target thanks to a loud alarm tone. It’s piercing enough to have opportunistic thieves thinking twice and heading for the hills.

Tamper sensors
If someone dares to try to tamper with your Alarm Siren, a loud siren tone will be immediately triggered. You will also receive a notification on your smartphone.

When installed correctly, the IP44 enclosure is both splashproof and protected against condensation.

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