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RGBW Dimmer Tree 24Vdc

RGBW Dimmer Tree 24Vdc

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This 24V Dimmer delivers unparalleled smart lighting control in residential and commercial settings!

  • Create amazing colour lighting scenes for any occasion
  • Designed for DIN rail mounting
  • Specifically for use in a Loxone installation
  • Benefit from free firmware updates
  • Use this to control regular 24V LED spots

During the construction of the new RGBW Dimmer, careful attention was paid to creating a compact design. The dimmer is small enough to fit discreetly into your existing home & building automation set-up.

The possibilities are endless with the RGBW 24V Dimmer, which has been fully optimised for use in automation projects. Control your LED lighting by switch or smartphone, have it time-controlled or event-dependent – the choice is yours.

You can wire your dimmer and connect it to your power supply in just a few simple steps.

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