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Touch Tree Anthracite

Touch Tree Anthracite

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With the Loxone Touch, you can control any room with just one, compact control element. It's the switch of the new generation!

  • Capacitive touch surface
  • 5 touch zones
  • Compact design
  • Integrated temperature and humidity sensor
  • Click Feedback
  • Easy to integrate

The most important control element
With the Loxone Touch, you can enjoy simplified control of a Loxone system. The capacitive surface of the Touch is quick to respond, and with just a tap on one of the five touch zones, you can control your lighting, blinds, music and more. An integrated temperature and humidity sensor make the Loxone Touch a real all-rounder!

Temperature & Humidity Sensing
The Touch Air further benefits from an in-built temperature and humidity sensor. This means Loxone will be able to intuitively manage the room climate by reading these levels via the Touch in each room – without the need for a separate thermostat. Plus, the temperature sensor can also detect a rapid and considerable increase in temperature, alerting your customers to a potential fire.

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