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Nano Dimmer Air

Nano Dimmer Air

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The Nano Dimmer Air easily integrates with the existing lighting in your system to create the perfect lighting scenes.

  • Loxone Air - the perfect retrofit solution
  • A perfect fit for Loxone Touch for Nano
  • Leading or trailing-edge dimmer
  • 1-channel dimmer
  • CE certified and tested

Retrofit smart lighting
Light has a decisive influence on our well-being. With the Loxone Nano Dimmer Air you can get more out of your lighting. Thanks to integrated Loxone Air wireless technology, the Nano Dimmer Air is perfectly suited for retrofitters and can be integrated into a residential or commercial building without great cabling effort.

1-Channel flush dimmer
The Loxone Nano Dimmer Air is a leading-edge or trailing-edge dimmer for mains voltage bulbs.

Loxone Touch and the Nano Dimmer Air
The Loxone Touch for Nano can be plugged straight into the Nano Dimmer Air – giving you complete function of the capacitive touch surface, five touch points and click feedback.

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