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Caller Service 10 Year

Caller Service 10 Year

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Information when you need it! With the Caller Service, you can receive calls with important updates: 

  • Stay informed with a phone call
  • Set automatic notifications individually
  • Immediate Start
  • Greater security

Get notified when it matters with the Caller Service!

The Caller Service teaches your Miniserver how to use the phone, so you're kept informed when it matters most. The Caller Service is a flat subscription and you can make as many calls as you like to any number worldwide. Don't worry, we aren't trying to catch you out; there is no automatic renewal, just a reminder email to let you know that you have to get a new subscription if you want to continue using it. 

Get notified when the alarm goes off

With the Caller Service, your Miniserver can call you when your burglar alarm is set off allowing you to take immediate action. The option to respond straight from your keypad means that you do not even have to open the Loxone App to trigger preset actions. 

Customised automatic messages

No matter what you want your Miniserver to keep you informed about, the Caller Service will give your Miniserver a voice. Let it tell you if the washing machine has flooded the basement, your kids have burnt the toast, or your wine cellar is getting too warm. Get calls for whatever suits you!

Enhanced Security

The Caller Service can also be used to remind you about things that you forgot to do around the house. For example, if you have left the garage door open and it is getting dark, the Miniserver can remind you to close it and even close it for you.

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