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Froeling Extension

Froeling Extension

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Integrate your Fröling solid fuel heating system into your Loxone system to achieve a demand-driven boiler control system that is based on Loxone Individual Room Control.

  • Targeted boiler control system based on each room's requirements
  • Precise measurement of flow temperature
  • Focused use of energy, resulting in cost reductions of up to 30%
  • An overview of the status of the heating circuit pumps; various boiler readings; buffer, boiler and flow temperatures
  • Can be used for up to 18 heating circuits, 8 boilers and 4 buffers
  • Notification of faults via email or phone call
  • Compatible with all Fröling heating systems from software version 5.11

Demand-driven boiler control system
Until now, boiler control systems have predominantly been controlled based on the temperature outside. The new Fröling Extension makes it possible for an installation using Loxone to benefit from a demand-driven boiler control system that works based on the demand from individual rooms. Depending on the installation, this can help to reduce both energy usage and heating costs.

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