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Modbus Extension

Modbus Extension

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The Modbus Extension extends your Loxone system and enables

  • The reading of various meters, such as for gas, electricity, energy and many more
  • The collection of statistical data from electricity, gas, water, energy meters and many more 
  • The recording of consumption data for intelligent energy management

The Modbus interface for your automation project
Whether in a smart home, office, restaurant or commercial setting, the Modbus Extension is perfect for controlling Modbus-based meters. Collect statistical data from electricity, gas, water and energy meters and record consumption data for intelligent energy management. The Loxone Miniserver sends commands to a device with a Modbus interface via the Modbus extension.

Can be flexibly expanded
Up to 32 Modbus devices can be controlled per Modbus extension. Up to 20 extensions can be connected to the Miniserver without affecting the performance of the system. You can also use several Modbus Extensions on an installation.

Intuitive configuration
With Loxone's Config software, you can get the Modbus Extension commissioned and start to send and receive commands in no time at all.

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