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Air Base Extension

Air Base Extension

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The Air Base Extension with our own wireless technology has been developed specifically for Loxone projects and is perfect for retrofitting or extending.

  • Up to 128 devices can be connected with an Air Base Extension at any one time. 
  • Loxone Air units can be set up by using our Config software in mere seconds.
  • Greater coverage thanks to 'mesh networking technology'
  • Low energy consumption - uses our own wireless chipsets

A reliable wireless solution – thanks to mesh technology
Loxone Air is based on bidirectional mesh technology. Each Loxone Air device that is permanently powered is helping to extend the footprint of the wireless signal.

The result is a reliable and well-supported Loxone Air range. While it isn’t possible to take all installation environments into account, the technology behind Loxone Air will certainly provide an ideal solution for wireless automation.

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