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Dimmer Extension

Dimmer Extension

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With the Loxone Dimmer Extension, you can easily dim all common 230V lamps - from conventional light bulbs to LED lamps.

  • Dim lightbulbs, halogen downlights, dimmable CFL or LEDs
  • Simple to connect to your Loxone Miniserver
  • 4 dimmer channels and 8 extra digital inputs

A DIN rail dimmer
With the DIN rail-mounted Loxone Dimmer extension, you can easily dim all standard lights. Just connect it to a Miniserver to make the most of your lighting.

High quality
Even the slightest flicker with a dimmer is enough to ruin a room’s overall lighting effect. That’s why these DIN rail-mounted dimmers are always consistent in the lighting level that you want them to be at. 

Whether it’s incandescents, energy-saving lamps, LEDs, or halogens: the versatile Dimmer Extension can deal with everything, so you’ll never again need to worry about whether a light can be dimmed or not…

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