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1-Wire Extension

1-Wire Extension

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The 1-Wire Extension allows you to use 1-Wire sensors as part of your Loxone system. Using 1-Wire sensors is very cost-effective, especially in installations with large numbers of sensors.

  • Reliable and accurate
  • Low cost
  • Can be mounted very discretely
  • Connect up to 20 sensors to the 1-Wire Extension

Wire sensors are also particularly easy to install.

Reliable sensors 
Perfect if you need lots of temperature, humidity, or other sensors.
Just one extension allows you to connect up to 20 sensors! Enough to measure temperature, humidity, and much, much more...

Temperature & humidity
Sensors at an unbeatable price: A 1-Wire temperature sensor costs just a couple of pounds. It’s not just their reliability which makes 1-Wire sensors stand out; their fantastic value for money makes them perfect for kitting out your whole house.

Small & easy to wire
A 1-Wire temperature sensor is smaller than a penny
They’re so small they can be put anywhere. You can also connect them in a bus system, where you’d only need 2 wires.

Flexible Expansion
Do you want to connect more than 20 sensors? No problem. You can connect up to 30 extensions to the Miniserver. You can connect up to 30 extensions to a Loxone Miniserver without it affecting your system’s performance. It’s, therefore, no problem to add more 1-Wire Extensions to use Loxone for heating.

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