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RIO Licence (Image for Raspberry PI)

RIO Licence (Image for Raspberry PI)

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The RIO Ecosystem is the foundation for IIKSA's software modules and services. The scalable RIO infrastructure can run on any platform, starting from something as simple as a Raspberry PI to a server cluster.

This license is for the the use with our downloadable Raspberry PI image.

The image comes with detailed instructions on how to copy it onto an SD card and get your very own RIO PI up and running in a matter of minutes.

If you prefer to purchase hardware with everything pre-installed rather than sourcing your own, then we recommend to have a look at the IIKSA RIO.

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Free: Loxone Tools Module

Included for free with the purchase of every RIO is the Loxone Tools Module. This handy integration allows you to quickly and easily change the network settings of your Loxone installations from afar. Save yourself an unnecessary trip to site and troubleshoot network issues remotely!

Once you've purchased a RIO, you'll have instant access to the Loxone Tools Module in your IIKSA Portal Account.

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