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2 Channel Dimmer DMX

2 Channel Dimmer DMX

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  • 2 Channel 100 - 230Vac
  • Selectable leading / trailing edge phase dimming
  • Compliant with DMX512 protocol
  • Configurable minimum brightness between 1% to 40%
  • Additional stand-alone dimmer and dynamic operation modes

Electrical Characteristics

Input Voltage: 100-240Vac

Output Voltage: 100-240Vac 

Output Current: 0.9-1.3A per channel

Output Power: 100-300W per channel

Inrush Current: 30A per channel

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  • Higher Density

    Its small form factor gives you multiple dimmer channels while using minimal space. The Loxone Dimmer Extension, for example, is over 225% larger!

  • Higher Inrush Tolerance

    A maximum inrush rating of 30A per channel makes this dimmer much more suitable for capacitive loads such as mains LEDs or low voltage LEDs with mains drivers.

  • Manual Operation 

    The display and buttons mean that you can operate the dimmer manually to provide site lighting before commissioning or backup operation.

Great with Loxone DMX Extension

The 2 Channel DMX Dimmer needs a DMX controller - the Loxone DMX Extension is perfect for this and 64 dimmers can be controlled by just one DMX Extension.

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  • Dimmable LEDs

    2x 200W @ 220Vac

    2x 100W @ 110Vac


    If the LEDs or LED drivers used have a power factor < 0.7 please be sure to derate the maximum load.

  • Incandescent

    2x 300W @ 220Vac

    2x 150W @ 110Vac

  • HV Halogen Lamps

    2x 300W @ 220Vac

    2x 150W @ 110Vac

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