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Occy Motion Sensor 24V Black

Occy Motion Sensor 24V Black

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The Occy Motion Sensor is a highly versatile low profile 15-28V PIR (passive infrared), ceiling-mounted motion sensor with an integrated 0-10V (0-1000 Lux) light sensor. It is designed for use with building automation systems, such as Loxone, Crestron, Homematic and others.

With an incredible detection range of 11m, the sensor can be mounted in ceiling with heights of up to 5m.

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Electrical Characteristics

Supply Voltage: 15-28Vdc

Motion Signal: ~supply voltage

Brightness Signal: 0-10Vdc (0-10 LUX)

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  • Silent Operation

    The Occy motion sensor has no moving parts meaning there is no click from a relay

  • Tiny

    With a diameter of only 18mm and a required installation depth of 32mm, the Occy can be discretely installed in even the smallest spaces.

  • Versatile

    The four different mounting options of the Occy let one product cover all types of installation.

  • Nano

    Ultra-discrete, rear-mounting that results in only the 12mm lens being visible. 

  • Micro

    Discrete front-mounting option using the tiny 18mm mounting ring in material up to 4.5mm thickness.

  • Mini

    Through-whole mounting using a 25mm cut-out with a spunk clip in materials up to 30mm thickness. 

  • Maxi

    If replacing a larger sensor the maxi option provides a 50mm for true versatility. 

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  • Range

    Ø = 2.22 x H


    Ø = 2.22 x 3m = 6.66m

  • Brightness Measurement

    Linear measurement from 0-1000 LUX across 0-10V range.

  • Presence Detection

    The motion signal provides an output for a minimum duration of 10 seconds.

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You can quickly and easily expand the detection area with up to 5 additional Occy sensors

The coverage area can be extended by connecting up to 5 more Occy sensors with any standard 2-core cable.

The benefits: By using this method, coverage extension does not require additional inputs on your control system to be used. Long hallways and very large rooms can be monitored with minimal installation effort. All connected sensors work in parallel, i.e. like one sensor with a very large coverage area. 

Product Datasheet

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